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Repair & Rewind: Motors, Generators & Pumps

At Sturgeon Rewind, we are proud to offer a variety of motor, generator and pump repair and rewind services. We work with clients across virtually all industries, as generators, pumps and motors have a vast range of applications, including in commercial and industrial settings. Here's a closer look at our primary repair and rewind services. 


We provide complete repair services for all motor components. This includes rotor and stator rewinding, dynamic and static balancing, machining, and run testing, among others. We maintain a robust stock of replacement parts so we can get repairs done quickly so you can get back to work. 

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Nearly all generator components can be repaired or replaced, saving you from having to replace the entire piece of equipment. From complete rewinds to general maintenance, our team can help extend the life of your generator, saving you time and money while also keeping your venture operating smoothly.

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As with generators, pumps can almost always be repaired or have parts replaced, and in most cases, repairing the pump is more cost-effective that replacing it outright. Our team can replace bearings, perform general service tasks, and identify potential problems through service inspections. 

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Inspections with Accurate Quotes

With in-shop and field services available, our expert technicians can handle repairs and rewind services on equipment of any size! Motors up to 5,000 horsepower can be serviced at the shop, while equipment beyond that would be serviced in the field. Before we get started, we'll thoroughly inspect your machinery so we can make suitable repair recommendations and give you an accurate price quote for the parts and labor involved. 

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Field Services

Onsite Motor, Generator, and Pump Repair

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you! Our technicians have both the skills and confidence required to complete you motor, generator and/or pump repairs on site. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding to pull your equipment to bring it in for repair or have a technician complete the repairs on site. The complexity of the machinery, sheer size, and urgency of the repair all contribute to the need for field repairs. If you aren’t sure which is the better option, give us a call!

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